chary [adj] careful, cautious cagey, calculating, canny, circumspect, considerate, constrained, discreet, economical, fastidious, frugal, gingerly, guarded, heedful, hesitant, inhibited, leery, loath, miserly, particular, prudent, reluctant, restrained, safe, scrupulous, sparing, stingy, suspicious, thrifty, uneasy, wary, watchful; concepts 401,587 —Ant. careless, hasty, heedless, incautious, rash, uncareful, willing

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  • Chary — Char y (ch[^a]r [y^] or ch[=a] r[y^]; 277), a. [AS. cearig careful, fr. cearu care. See {Care}.] 1. Careful; wary; cautious; not rash, or reckless; as, the latest internet IPO s were shunned by investors made chary by the poor performance of the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chary — [cher′ē, char′ē] adj. charier, chariest [ME chari, concerned, sorrowful < OE cearig, sorrowful < cearu, caru, CARE; change of sense by assoc. with care] 1. not taking chances; careful; cautious [to be chary of offending others] 2. not… …   English World dictionary

  • chary — chary; un·chary; …   English syllables

  • chary — ► ADJECTIVE (charier, chariest) ▪ cautiously reluctant: leaders are chary of reform. ORIGIN Old English, «sorrowful, anxious» …   English terms dictionary

  • chary — index circumspect, discreet, frugal, guarded, leery, parsimonious, penurious, provident (showing foresight), pru …   Law dictionary

  • Chary — Nom porté en Lorraine (54, 57), en Saône et Loire et en Normandie (76). Il semble que ce soit un toponyme (nom de divers lieux dits dans l Est). Voir aussi Charry …   Noms de famille

  • chary — (adj.) O.E. cearig sorrowful (see CARE (Cf. care)). Sense evolved 16c. from full of care to careful. Cognate with O.S. carag, O.H.G. charag sorrow, trouble, care …   Etymology dictionary

  • chary — *cautious, circumspect, wary, calculating Analogous words: prudent, discreet, provident (see under PRUDENCE): *sparing, economical, frugal, thrifty: reluctant, hesitant, loath, *disinclined …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • chary — adj. 1) chary about (chary about doing smt.) 2) chary of (chary of strangers) * * * [ tʃe(ə)rɪ] chary about (chary about doing smt.) chary of (chary of strangers) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • chary — charily, adv. /chair ee/, adj., charier, chariest. 1. cautious or careful; wary: He was chary of investing in oil wells. 2. shy; timid. 3. fastidious; choosy: She is excessively chary about her friends. 4. sparing (often fol. by of): chary of his …   Universalium

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